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unfinished !!!!!!!!!

Needed System:

1. Win2000 or WinXP
2. Hardware: Enough CPU-power for your DVB-card
3. Software: RitzDVB from this site RitzDVB Homepage
Needed CPU-power see Microsoft, Sun and DVB-cards producer.

For TV-Browser 1.1 Capture Plugin Version 2.03 or higher

(TV-Browser 1.1 Beta or higher)

Recording with Win2k and WinXP (also using Standby or Suspend)

Using this Skripts:
You also need the Programm "jt.exe": (Server ist often overloaded )
For the System (Windows) are the same pre-conditions like for schtasks.exe.

!! Important !! Don't use spaces and additional character in the paths, Username or Password !!!

1. Installation and Settings of RitzDVB

RitzDVB can be downloadedhere: RitzDVB Homepage. There you can download it in the Downloadarea.

If you got the newest Version installed, you need to configure it.
RitzDVB is a good choice, because it can immediatly make the TransportStream available for the Dreambox or in LAN ! You don't have to convert it.(or for pda with convertion) RitzDVB is also easy to use for recording in the Network e.g. to an LAN-Harddisk! Also the CPU-Load is with RitzDVB one of the best!
Important is to insert same channelnumbers in CapturePlugin. If not, you don't can record the chosen channel.

2. The Scripts

Copy the Scripts into the RitzDVB root path. (timer.vbs and record.vbs). Download the jt.exe and extract it to C:\Windows\System32\ (or your path to \System32) .

3. Settings in Capture Plugin

Import the configuration-file "*.tcf" into Capture Plugin. Edit the Pfaths at Applikation and Variable (Important, for Win2k systemroot is c:\winnt\)
under "einstellungen" you have to write your Password and Username
and at "Kanäle" you can edit your extern channels.

The Parameters in Capture Plugin have to look like this (they're alredy set when you imported the config-file):

At Applikation(WinXP):


Under Applikation(Win2k):


At Parameter:

"Aufnahme-Parameter": (Recording-Parameter)

//Nologo {variable("1")} record {leadingZero(start_hour,"2")} {leadingZero(start_minute,"2")} {leadingZero(start_day,"2")} {leadingZero(start_month,"2")} {start_year} {leadingZero(end_hour,"2")} {leadingZero(end_minute,"2")} {leadingZero(end_day,"2")} {leadingZero(end_month,"2")} {end_year} {channel_name_external} {device_password} {device_username} {cleanLess(concat(title,testparam(episode,"_",testparam(original_title,"_")),isset(episode,original_title),testparam(original_episode,"_"),original_episode))} {length_minutes} {cleanLess(channel_name)} {variable("2")} {variable("3")} {variable("4")} {variable("5")} {variable("6")}


//Nologo {variable("1")} delete {leadingZero(start_hour,"2")} {leadingZero(start_minute,"2")} {leadingZero(start_day,"2")} {leadingZero(start_month,"2")} {start_year} {leadingZero(end_hour,"2")} {leadingZero(end_minute,"2")} {leadingZero(end_day,"2")} {leadingZero(end_month,"2")} {end_year} {channel_name_external} {device_password} {device_username} {cleanLess(concat(title,testparam(episode,"_",testparam(original_title,"_")),isset(episode,original_title),testparam(original_episode,"_"),original_episode))} {length_minutes} {cleanLess(channel_name)} {variable("2")} {variable("3")} {variable("4")} {variable("5")} {variable("6")}

At "Einstellungen":(Settings)

Minutes starting earlier: 4 to 15 min depending on network and daytime
Minutes stopping later : 8 to 20 min depending on network and daytime
Remind that Recording start 1 to 2 Minutes later and stop 3 Minutes earlier.
(Please test it yourself to see how much time your system needs)

Username  : "Your Username at Windows"
Password  : "Your Password at Windows".

Annotation to Username & Password:
(Password and Username has to be used for using Suspend/standby. If you don't use a Username
you can create one at "Systemsteuerung" and "Benutzerkonten" (please search at your Windows help if you don't know how to set) !
It's really neccessary! If you don't want to confirm at windowsstart(),
you can use the programm tweakui from "powertoys for windows xp" to change this.
Under Logon and Auto Logon you can choose "logon autom... etc"
and write Username/Password. Domain ist your computername.
If you don't know your Computername. You can see it at Systemsteuerung and System

(Format ?? computername+username)?

At "Kanäle" (Channels)
The channelnumbers have to be the same like in RitzDVB! You can change settings of channelist in RitzDVB to make them visible.

At "Variable"

1timer skriptC:\RitzDVB\timer.vbs
2record skript (Startet die Aufnahme) C:\RitzDVB\record.vbs
4Pfad zu RitzDVBC:\RitzDVB
5cscript.exe (VBS Compiler) c:\Windows\system32\cscript.exe
6jt.exe (Werkzeug für geplante Tasks) c:\Windows\system32\jt.exe

(Win2k users please change the path to cscript.exe and jt.exe !!!)

Start from Suspend / Standby

This settings are Important for using Suspend & Standby :
1. In Bios waking up at time has to be disabled
2. The Suspend mode has to be activated at windows and the Computer has to work with Suspend/Standby mode
3. Passwordasking at reaktivating from Standby has to be turned off.(can be changed at energieoptions)
4. It works not with every hardware , please test it

Computer to Suspend / Standby
In "Systemsteuerung" at "Energieoptions" you can define the time until the Computer goes to Suspend or Standby mode.

CapturePlugin - RitzDVB (German)